Visa Application by post (Applicants must reside permanently in the UK)

The Royal Thai Embassy in London commenced its visa application by post service on the 2 January 2014. Termination of visa services by post at the Royal Thai Consulates in the United Kingdom and Ireland (namely, the Royal Thai Consulates in Birmingham, Cardiff, Hull, Liverpool, Glasgow, Gibralta and Dublin) will be effective from the 15 January 2014. 

Certain Nations in the Middle East, South Asia and East Asia Passport Holders must submit visas in person to the Royal Thai Embassy in London you can find more information at

All types of VISAs are issued according to the stated PURPOSE OF VISIT which must be CLEARLY STATED by the applicant. Failure to do so shall inevitably incur delays.

Visas issued must be used within 3 months from the date of application. Upon arrival in Thailand, THE ACTUAL LENGTH OF STAY (Starting from the date of entry), shall be determined and granted at the discretion of Immigration Officers.

Who CAN apply for the visa by post.

- Anyone who is currently in the UK and Ireland Not from the list of countries in the Middle East, South Asia and East Asia  

Please see what you need to submit depending on types of visa below,

Tourist visa


      - A current passport with validity of over 6 months beyond the date of application

      - Visa application form completely filled out

      - Two (2) recent (2 x 2 inches.) photographs of the applicant

      - Consular officers reserve the rights to request additional documents as deemed necessary


     -  A current passport with validity of over 6 months beyond the date of application

     -  A completed application from

     -  Two (2) recent (2 x 2 inches.) photographs of the applicant

     -  Original bank stament of the applicant showing a blance of least 5000 puonds ( for 6 months)

        or a print out with official stamp of the bank

     -  A letter from the applicant's employer ( in the UK and addressed to the Royal Thai Embassy)

        If you are self-employed, you self assessment and a copany registration doument are required 

     -  A photocopy of the confirmed Air ticket to Thailand

     -  A photocopy of the hotel reservation confirmation in Thailand

Non Immigrant visa

For other purposes than tourism: Please submit EVIDENCE SUBSTANTIATING THE  PURPOSE OF YOUR STAY.

Examples of such evidence are:

In the case of transit: a confirmed travel document (air ticket etc.) showing Thailand as point of transit. 
In the case of a business trip (Non-immigrant "B"): a letter of invitation, a confirmation letter of employer and/or a letter from a business counterpart in Thailand. 
In the case of working in Thailand: a letter of employment from your prospective employer, such a document should be addressed to The Royal Thai Embassy, and a copy of the companies registration certificate in Thailand.  
In the case of settlement in Thailand with Thai spouse/ Children/ Parents(Non-immigrant "O"): photo copy certificate of marriage, birth, Thai nationality passport/Thai ID card.(please do not send the original)
- In the case of UK Pensioner (Non-immigrant "O"): a copy of UK State Pension. 


When submitting your application by post

-Complete and sign one application form. Only visa application forms issued by The Royal Thai Embassy in London will be accepted. A separate form is required for each traveller regardless of age.


-Your Passport/Travel Document which must be valid for at least 6 Months from the date of             application

 - Two recent passport size photos 

 - Tourist Visa (25 pounds) Tourist Visa multiple entries (125 pounds) Non Immigrant Visa single entry (50 pounds) and Non Immigrant Visa Multiple Entries (125 pounds)

 - Each applicant must ay an extra £10  on top of the visa fee OR enclose self address envelope with spcial delivery stamp from Royal mail to cover the return of passport


# Consular Officers reserve the right to request for additional documents as deemed necessary#


# Please do not apply for a visa more than 3 months before your date of travel #


#The embassy will not be held responsible for lost/stolen/damaged document# 


Visa application by post will normally be processed within 3 - 5 working days.


Please send the document by Royal Mail special delivery (You can track our receiving from Royal mail tracking website at

It is recommended to use the stamps to send and return rather than a franking stamp from the post office as franking stamps will limit the date of posting. 

You are advised NOT to contact us before 5 working days after our receiving your application.
We will not track application for you by phone.  If you do not receive the passport back within 5 WORKING DAYS, you contact us with the prove of sending your application. 




Visa Applications submitted by post must be sent to:

Visa Section, Royal Thai Embassy, 

29 - 30 Queen's Gate, London,




Visa and postage fee must be paid by Postal Order made payable to: THE ROYAL THAI EMBASSY. please kindly write down the applicant 's name and passport number at the back of the postal order 


Visa Type

Fee (£)

1 .Transit (3 months validity/Single Entry)


2. Tourist (3 months validity/Up to 60 days/Single)

3. Tourist (6 months validity/Up to 60 days/Multiple Entries)

Free until 28 Feb 17 


4. Non-Immigrant (3 months validity/Single Entry/up to 90 days)

5. Non-Immigrant (1 year validity/ Multiple Entries)  

7. Non-Immigrant O-A (3 months validity/ Single Entry/Up to 1 year)   

8. Non-Immigrant O-A (1 year validity/ Multiple Entries/Up to 1 year)



  50 N/A BY POST

 125 N/A BY POST

9. Non-Immigrant (3 year validity/ Multiple Entries)(Business only)

 250 N/A BY POST

**Visa fees are payable in pounds sterling

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